Thursday, April 21, 2011

TV Watching

I don't watch a lot of TV. My wife and I tend to sit and watch it during dinner, which is supposedly bad. If we had kids, we wouldn't do this. And we typically watch the Cooking Channel (usually we are eating during Rachel Ray or Iron Chef), so we aren't so invested in the show that we don't chat. Typically we are trying to get ideas about what to have for our next dinner.

The Cooking Channel is our go-to station. There are a few TV series we DVR, and if we have them available, we catch up on what is saved and I have a TV night. My shows of choices are Castle, Supernatural, No Ordinary Family, and Fringe.

Sure, sometimes we Netflix a TV series (Spartacus) and watch it all in a week. But usually I only spend one night in front of a TV catching up on shows.

What's my point?

Do I need one? I'm just blogging, here.

OK, so I have a little bit of a point: cop and doctor dramas bore the hell out of me and I don't care about "reality" TV because there is very little that is real about it. Celebrities are famous already, and don't need a show about being famous, and people who are famous just for being rich annoy me. Dancing shows are decent, but I'd rather watch partners who are exceptional, like at a show or contest, than people who are merely trying to look good while dancing with someone who is excellent--but at least they are working at something unlike most reality shows. I do have some respect for Dancing With the Stars and the people on Biggest Loser...but I still don't care.

I like funny, I like fun, and I like fantasy. And I like Nathan Fillion.

And I want my own writing to excel at these things.

And yes, that does include Nathan Fillion.

would love to meet that guy and see just how much of his character's personalities are reflections of his own.


Katie Mills said...

I like my books and television for entertainment purposes only. I don't really like doctor shows because people keep dying and it's sad. Who wants to feel sad and depressed during their 'down time'?

Richard said...

T.V. watching is probably the #1 time waster. But sounds like you've got it under constrol.