Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why, Yes, I Am in Fact an Editor

I listed Editor in my profession of my profile. I didn't do that to be cute or anything. I realize that we aspiring authors are all, in our way, editors. I've been editing my own work for the last few weeks during this crazy revamp of the beginning. But I didn't put editor down as a my profession because I have been editing nonstop at home.

I am in fact an editor. Yes, you will see spelling and grammar mistakes in my writing, both in this blog and in any samples I provide. I write blog entries, forum posts, and friendly emails without reviewing them much (if at all). I do go back and edit my own work, but sometimes you are seeing draft pieces.

And I am a terrible typist. I typo the hell out of the stuff I do type.

As for where I edit and what I edit as an editor, I am currently the Associate Editor at, which provides free lesson plans and interactives for English teachers (share that with all your teacher friends). ReadWriteThink is part of a joint initiative by the International Reading Association (IRA; and yes, that is me on the homepage pointing at you) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Officially, I am an IRA employee (hence my picture on the homepage, pointing at you). I started at IRA as a Production Editor (PE) for books and journals before moving the ReadWriteThink. Back then, we used to have Developmental Editors (DE) for the books, who worked with authors on the big-picture stuff  like chapter placement, over-all flow, and major formatting. After the DE was done working with the authors, she would hand it over the PE (me, in some cases), and we did the copy-editing, proof-reading, and layout editing.

So yes, I am an editor. Professionally. I don't do as much copy editing any more, but I still get tapped for that kind of thing when needed. I have my name in on the copyright pages of several books (which is neat!).

Now if only I didn't work in academic publishing, I might have some contacts to other publishers that might make it easier to land me an agent or a editor (or at least a manuscript request!).

Why mention all this?

Just in case anyone ever sees comments I make on work they post and wonders "Who does that guy thing he is?" That guy thinks he is an editor, and his business cards agree with him. You might not agree with him, and that's fine: Grammar is subjective sometimes, and voice and tone can change how a sentence is "properly" punctuated.

I would also like to say, Always thank your editor. You may not agree with or even like the changes they recommend, but realize all editors are doing their best to help improve your work. And if you don't think their is room for are probably wrong.

Anyway, that is my rant-as-editor. If you want to, you can see me in "action," though in all honesty, you are probably seeing more of me in more action that you would expect/want. Though, at the very least, it is pretty darn funny!

enjoys his day job. He just wished it helped him with his "night job" more!

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