Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Synopsis - Man, I hate it!

Yeah, I hate writing a synopsis of my book.  I did a 10-page synopsis, and that sucked.  I need to do shorter ones, too--bunch of agents ask for a 1-2 pager with queries. That's going to suck, too.

I get the point, really, but it's maddening.  I wrote an entire book which is sufficient length to explain the plot and the details with the level of description I think they need.  Had I wanted it to be shorter, I'd have written less.

I know, I know--apples and oranges and all that (though really, since both apples and oranges are fruits, they are fairly comparable and therefore the expression "comparing apples to oranges" doesn't make much sense). I just really hate writing the synopsis.  I can bust out a page of text in no time when writing the actual story, but try to summarize my writing in the same span is rough.

Still, nose to the grindstone and all that.  It's not all fun and games; every so often, you got to put in the work.  The Synopsis: the part of the process I consider work.


can synopsisfy this blog entry: "Today I bitch about writing a synopsis. It felt good to get it out there."

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