Thursday, March 10, 2011

You have to start somewhere

I've been bad about blogging before. It seems like a cool idea, spilling out your feelings and issues onto a page.  But I think I need something to keep me focused on my goals. I think keeping a journal will help. If nothing else, it is good to record the journey. Not because I think anyone will really care so much about the individual steps, but because each step was important on the journey.

So right now, what steps am I taking?

I've spent the last few weeks polishing my pitch paragraph for my query letter.  This is after having re-written and re-polished it a dozen times months ago.

I have been reading up on agents I think would be a good fit for me, and tonight and last night, I sent some queries out.  I have more to send, and then time to wait before the rejects come in (I'm going to be realistic about this).

I'm looking into some online writing communities, and I'm checking some local-ish writing conferences to attend.

I need to write a 1-2 page synopsis of my book; I imagine that will be a difficult task, but a few agents want it for their query, and it is a good thing to have in hand when needed.

And I have a loaf of banana feather bread ready to go into the oven soon (this isn't the thick, cake-like banana bread most people will think of but a light and fluffy loaf more similar to white bread).

Yeah, I like to cook, too.  I'm sure more of that will come out as I write this blog.

My goal is two blog entries a week. We'll start there and see how we do.

signs off his blogs and some forum posts in the third person like this.  It's like a signature that is unique to each post. Yeah, it might be a little weird, but usually people end up coming around on it and finding it funny. You be the judge.

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